A Year of One Direction:

    January: Video premiere for “One Thing”
    February: One Direction wins Best British Single at BRIT Awards
    March: Kids’ Choice Awards performance and win
    April: Appearance on Saturday Night Live
    May: “The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction” premieres
    June: One Direction’s US tour takes up most of the month
    July: Access 1D premieres and One Direction wins a Teen Choice Award
    August: One Direction performs at the Olympics Closing Ceremony
    September: One Direction wins at the VMAs and the video for “LWWY” premieres
    October: One Direction wins and performs at the Teen Awards
    November: The video for “Little Things” premieres and One Direction draws the largest crowd in Today Show history
    December: Sold-out show at Madison Square Garden!

    Here’s to an even bigger 2013! Happy New Year!

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    “Yeah me and Harry are actually dating, he’s so perfect his curly hair just does it for me.”


    Where is this gif from? what vid?


    One Direction